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Supported Employment

There are certain universally sought after qualities that employers look for when hiring such as loyalty, dependability, and enthusiasm. Hi-Hope’s clients possess these qualities. Our supported employment services seek to match the right client with the right job in order to fulfill a client’s goals and provide a business with the best worker possible. Through this service, individuals are guided through the process of choosing, obtaining and succeeding in a paid employment position within the community. Individualized job coaching is available to sustain success in the work setting.

To better meet the needs of some of our clients, this service also seeks to place clients in temporary or contract labor positions in area businesses. The enclave work settings allow clients to sample the world of work with the regular support of a job coach, without requiring that they make any firm commitment. This kind of arrangement can also be beneficial to businesses that prefer to outsource when seeking workers for a particular job.

Ongoing employee and employer support is vital to any successful job placement. After a client’s initial job orientation period, we provide assistance as needed with training for new tasks or retraining on old ones. Beyond the work setting, we support our clients through life’s many changes and challenges. We know that by doing so, it gives them the best opportunity for success at work and in life.