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Hi Folks,

We have a quick update for you. Hi-Hope has decided to start doing a blog in lieu of a bi-monthly newsletter for a couple of reasons:

1. It enables us to run everything through our new website, which makes the website the online hub for everything.

2. For those of you that don't want to get emails, you no longer have to send us a message asking to be removed from the mailing list. Simply scroll to the bottom of the email and click "unsubscribe" and we are long gone...although, we hope you will consider coming back to us in short order or at least letting us know why you are no longer interested so we can make improvements.

3. We will blog weekly, which means you get shorter updates more frequently instead of a larger newsletter every other month.

There are a few other little things that make the blog format preferable, including some cost savings so please embrace the change. If you have any feedback, just email and we will definitely consider it. Thank you for your understanding as we change for the better!

November 1974

42 years ago Hi-Hope Service Center was around - doing what it does best: support individuals with developmental disabilities. Things were a bit different - at that time we supported children with disabilities. The staff was different, some of the buildings did not yet exist, the structure of our program was not the same and even much of the language we use in this field has since changed. But, Hi-Hope existed in the same place where we operate now, serving Gwinnett County, making ourselves a positive force in the community and striving to make a difference in the lives of individuals. It is pretty cool to think about our history extending back that far in an era where the lifespan of many an organization is so short. It also made us think, "I wonder what Hi-Hope was like back in the day" and fortunately we have the ability to see one moment 42 years ago.

Hi-Hope Volunteer Coordinator Nick Reynolds was pouring through some of the old scrap books and came across a page dedicated to an event that happened in November of 1974. It's perfect because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and among the many American traditions associated with this holiday, watching football is definitely one of them. It seems that 42 years ago around this time, Hi-Hope was hosting the Hi-Hope Charity Bowl.

The yellowing newspaper scrape proclaims, "It's Football Bowl time in Gwinnett County. The Gwinnett Midget Football Conference (GMFC) Champions are ready for the Annual Hi-Hope Bowl kickoff on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 22 and 23 to be held at Norcross High School Field this year...Mayor Carl Garner has issued a giant welcome to teams, coaches and parents of the GMF Conference and to all Gwinnett citizens to support this fine sports event for Hi-Hope to be held in Norcross." Many people and organizations supported the event, including Norcross High School, the Norcross Lions Club, a group of women from the Norcross Lion's Auxillary Club, the Hi-Hope PTA, Lawrenceville-area State Representative Virginia Hileman, Shriners, Twirlers, Antique Cars and many more. The newspaper clipping also states that Mr. Felton Crews - then president of the GMFC - stressed to the players that "they are playing also for those at Hi-Hope 'to fulfill themselves to the best of their capabilities.'" Ultimately, the South Gwinnett Raiders of the 70-pound division of GMFC defeated the Lawrenceville Jets, 44-25. So there you go, 42 years ago to the day this is being written, the South Gwinnett Raiders emerged victorious. Additionally, the event was the most successful in history, surpassing previous fundraising levels. 

It's amazing to think that an oft ignored, barely intact scrap book yielded such a special insight into history. It captured a moment that ties in beautifully with present day. Gwinnetians still love their youth football, they still actively engage in numerous charity events, they still support Hi-Hope and Hi-Hope continues to support individuals with developmental disabilities with a mission to help folks experience fulfillment through meaningful experiences in their daily lives.


Lawrence's Birthday

We had quite the day - volunteers from Emory University came by to help celebrate Lawrence's birthday and participated in some bingo and movie watching - Back to the Future. The activities, party favors, cake and ice cream and all around enjoyment was graciously provided by one of our newer, Adopt-A-Group Home volunteers - Jennifer. She has been steadily building a relationship with the gentlemen of Willis House through the marvelous medium of movies. Turns out Jennifer shares a passion for those classic action/adventure flicks that we all grew up with and has been regularly visiting Willis to screen the movies and talk about them over some popcorn. This activity has been a huge hit with the fellas at Willis and they now regularly inquire after Jennifer. Thus far she has show Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future, but has already booked future visits. We are super happy to have her on board, especially because she stands as the perfect example of how fun and easy volunteering can be with us. Stop by, watch a movie you love, and share the enjoyment with a couple of wonderful guys. It's definitely good stuff!

Hi-Hope Launches a New Website

You are only able to see this because you discovered our new website, but it still made sense to comment on it. We decided to go in for a little update. We hope you like our simpler, streamlined approach to our web presence. As this is a new website, we realize there might be things we need to fix or troubleshoot. Just let us know. We can make those changes lickity-split so that your user experience is first class. Thanks!

-The Hi-Hope Family