Opportunity NEXT! 

Hi-Hope Service Center is poised for rapid growth - our NEXT opportunity. Consistently recognized as leading the way for adults with developmental disabilities, our organization has earned the confidence and active support of both investors in the local business community and sector leaders in the state of Georgia. As stewards of a dream that began nearly sixty years ago, we are moving forward with a bold next step to open new doors of opportunity. We invite you to join us as we welcome a new generation of possibility for adults with developmental disabilities. Our next opportunity begins now.

To support the implementation of our strategic plan and take full advantage of the convergence of these opportunities hi-Hope is conducting a campaign to:

  • renovate former sheltered workshop into a state-of-the-art, multi-purpose lifelong learning center
  • remodel existing underutilized storage buildings into functional administrative space
  • develop an open and welcoming campus
  • upgrade five residential homes to improve safety and accessibility

Opportunity Next Campaign Deliverables & REsults

With the successful completion of the Opportunity Next campaign, we envision the following possibilities as an everyday reality at Hi-Hope Service Center.

LIFELONG LEARNING CENTER                                                      $1,412,000

  • Open, integrated lifelong opportunities and classes supported by individuals and groups in the community
  • Flexible, comfortable and welcoming space for daily programs, large group presentations and small group activities

ACCESSIBLE GROUP HOMES                                                           $311,000

  • Welcoming residential homes that support the organization's response to rapidly changing needs and provide safe, appropriate and fully accessible spaces where aging adults with developmental disabilities are received as contributing members of their community and allowed to age in place in dignity

INCREASED ADMINISTRATIVE SPACE                                          $295,000

  • Increased office space and improved efficiency, productivity and collaboration from our administrative, human resources, finance and operations teams
  • Welcoming and dedicated space to attract and train new employees who are enthusiastic about furthering our mission

LANDSCAPING AND PARKING                                                        $282,000

  • Welcoming landscaping to add curb appeal and complement renovated buildings
  • Expanded parking to accommodate visitors and accessibility improvements, including sidewalks and ramps

                                      TOTAL                                                               $2,300,000

WISH LIST Additional Campus Improvements                                    $400,000

  • Sidewalks, more parking, landscaping, covered drop off area, bricking of the annex building and signage

                     GRAND TOTAL                 $2,700,000


Why support the Opportunity Next campaign?

It became clear to me that Hi-Hope was not only positioned to contribute something significant to the local community, but also the field at large. In recent years, I’ve seen how increasingly complex needs demand a new approach. No other organization demonstrated the agility and proven capacity to respond to those needs better than Gwinnett’s own Hi-Hope Service Center.
— Larry Enterline, The Enterline Foundation
My daughter has attended Hi-Hope’s day program for several years. The passion and commitment of Hi-Hope’s staff has motivated me to be more involved and give back by supporting Hi-Hope with donations, volunteering whenever possible and serving on Hi-Hope’s Family Advisory Board and Board of Directors.”
— Karen Nestor, Board of Directors, Ex-Officio; Family Advisory Board member and Liaison
Hi-Hope is a great community organization. The individuals of Hi-Hope participate throughout the year in volunteer service to this community, including through events like the Gwinnett Great Days of Service. Hi-Hope is a great example of a social service agency that provides essential, quality services and gives service back to our community.
— Ellen Gerstein, Executive Director, Gwinnett Coalition for Health and Human Services
  1. Hi-Hope is considered as a premier provider moving toward a best-in-class model for the field.
  2. Hi-Hope is consistently chosen as a chief collaborative partner by leaders in government and partner organizations.
  3. Hi-Hope is a leading advocate and a voice for families and caregivers.
  4. Hi-Hope is leading the way by responding to rapidly changing needs, creating  privately funded support nets to make sure that our individuals are taken care of no matter what happens.
  5. Hi-Hope is well-respected and highly-regarded in the community we serve having received many awards in our 57 years of service.