Community Access

Hi-Hope’s day program offers a structured framework for lifelong learning for adults with developmental disabilities. Community Access activities support individuals to learn and retain the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to build relationships and to be active, contributing community members. To achieve the mission of “cultivating community” for individuals, we focus on the basics of communication, mobility and safety, as well as providing ongoing opportunities for community engagement. These opportunities may occur on-site at Hi-Hope, such as welcoming community service groups for shared activities, or in locations throughout our community, such as attending local concerts and cultural events, patronizing local restaurants and stores, volunteering and exploring leisure interests.

Hi-Hope offers Community Access activities in group and individual formats. Hi-Hope’s philosophy is “person-centered” and we wholeheartedly strive to ensure that each individual is engaged in activities that are important to and important for them. Community Access is facilitated by staff who have received extensive training to meet the health and safety needs of people receiving supports while engaging in activities of value and interest.

Because the ability to communicate is integral to maintaining personal safety, building relationships and accessing meaningful activity options, Hi-Hope strives to ensure that every individual with an identified need has access to communication supports. To achieve this, a Functional Communication Review process, developed by our Assistive Technology Specialist and Educational Consultant, identifies the type of communication tools that will best support each individual. Specialists then pair the proper assistive system to the individual and provide ongoing staff training to support individuals with communication challenges. Communication training may also be provided to families upon request.

Residential Services

Hi-Hope offers residential services in five homes nestled in neighborhoods throughout Gwinnett County. These comfortable homes are decorated and maintained in a manner that is consistent with the belief that we will never place an individual in one of our homes if we ourselves would not want to live there.

Residential services offer a range of supports. These services include assistance with and / or training in activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, grooming, personal hygiene, feeding, toileting, transferring, and other similar tasks. These services include training and assistance in household care, such as meal preparation, clothes laundering, bed-making, housecleaning, simple home repair, yard care, and other household tasks. Residents choose ways in which they would like to be engaged in their community and opportunities are provided on a regular basis for community outings.

Hi-Hope’s high-caliber and professionally trained residential staff are committed to supporting the needs of each individual resident, giving adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live as independently as possible. The number of staff in a home at any given time is based on the needs of the residents. At least one staff is always present, unless dictated by the individual’s service plan. To support Hi-Hope’s current residents, the staffing pattern ranges from 1 to 3 staff at the home at any given time.

Nursing support and oversight is provided by a full time LPN, the Health Services Manager, who provides medical direction and guidance, direct support, and on-call support as needed. Registered Nurses provide clinical oversight and training.

Employment Services

Adults with developmental disabilities have something unique to offer our communities when they are given an opportunity to be active contributors to the local workforce. We envision a world where individuals with developmental disabilities are compensated with competitive wages and offered ample opportunities for professional growth. Hi-Hope believes that every individual, regardless of disability, should have the chance to explore income building activities. In order to meet the needs of a variety of individuals, we offer supported employment, customized employment and self-employment. We are excited to be at the forefront of best practices for employment of adults with developmental disabilities.

Hi-Hope supports align opportunities for contribution and meaning through work in integrated settings for every individual we serve who desires an opportunity for employment.