Valentine's Day Competition

In honor of Valentine's Day, Hi-Hope ran a small competition meant to inspire friendship, appreciation, creativity and, of course, love. The task was fairly straight forward: decorate some lovely ceramic pottery donated to Hi-Hope by another local nonprofit, present said pottery to a community connection and take a picture. The winner would be based on the decorations, selection of the community connection and the picture. In essence, groups were challenged to do something nice for someone and capture the moment. It is with much happiness that we get to share the winning moment.

Hi-Hope Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) Sharon, Tina and Judy worked with some individuals to decorate flower pots. They presented these pots to Tempa Kohler of Special Kneads and Treats, Inc. (an amazing, local bakery well worth the visit). According to Sharon, "the individuals wanted to share their appreciation for the monthly birthday cakes they receive from this organization." Our individuals made these gifts with partial to full hand-over-hand assistance from the three aforementioned staff members. According to Sharon, "it was a joy."

As a reward for winning the Valentine's Day Competition, the group received some Valentine's Day chocolates and sensory items for those individuals with dietary restrictions. The winning group was actually less interested in their victory and more motivated by the idea of doing something creative that also brought a little love and happiness into the world. This is the perfect way for us to mark Valentine's Day at Hi-Hope.