One Of Those Little Things

If you follow Hi-Hope on Facebook, you may have had the opportunity to peruse the most recent photo album, dedicated to a visit by a group of 8th graders from Greater Atlanta Christian School (GACS) that happened last Friday. The album shows students engaging in several different activities with the individuals we support at Hi-Hope. In true GACS fashion, the day was over-the-top fantastic – filled with fun and activity. The pictures in the album capture the "essence" of the day, however, one picture is a little misleading. The volunteer in it is not a GACS student.

A few days before the visit, the 8th Grade Service Day coordinator from GACS contacted Hi-Hope to see if it was OK to bring an additional person. This person was the younger sister of a student and the daughter of a mom and dad chaperone team. The girl was given the all clear and came the day of the event. As the activities started, the 8th graders jumped right in, but this young lady held back, staying close to her mom. She seemed a little nervous, although, she was definitely interested in participating. 

About an hour into the festivities, Volunteer Coordinator Nick Reynolds noticed something special happening at one of the activity stations and took the picture this article is highlighting. The girl had overcome her nervousness and approach Troy to help. This is special because Troy is quiet and volunteers often overlook him. He doesn't say much to guests and it's possible that some folks are intimidated by the helmet he wears as a safety precaution. All that being said, out of all the people in the room that day, this young lady decided to bond with Troy and spent quite a while helping him with activities. It was a particularly special act of kindness in a room full good deeds. We wanted to use this blog post to highlight this young lady and commend her for overcoming her shyness and connecting with Troy that day. It was sweet and genuine and wonderful. It was one of those little things that make all the difference.