It's Election Time at Hi-Hope

To quote the great radio DJ Chris Stevens:

Well, I just wanna applaud y'all for plunging headfirst into the great river of democracy. I mean, our election is just a small tributary. You know, a singular thread in the greater fabric, linked by tradition, love, and honor to the swift, clear, bracing waters from which our traditions are founded. But I'm just saying, let's take a little time out here to slap ourselves on the back, give a kiss on the cheek, a hale and hearty fare-thee-well to all our fine noble...citizens.

Chris' enthusiasm is totally justified. Not matter how big or how small the election, participating in a vote for a representative is an important thing. It speaks to the heart of choice - in privacy and security the elector makes a decision that will directly impact their community and, in doing so, they set the wheels of fate in motion [we should probably note that the author of this blog post is particular fond of elections]. It is with great pride that Hi-Hope announces the start of it campaign season and its very own upcoming elections.

Starting on Monday, June 11th, 2018 and ending on Thursday, June 14th at 1:00 PM, a very important voting process will occur at Hi-Hope. The individuals will democratically select their next Client Council - a group of elected representatives that will serve their peers for a two year term.

The purpose of the Client Council is to give Hi-Hope individuals an opportunity to develop leadership and learn about advocacy. The members will do this by assisting with and participating in activities and service projects at Hi-Hope and the community at large. The members contribute to and promote the Hi-Hope mission and vision and serve as representatives for their peers. They share ideas, interests and concerns with Hi-Hope staff and leadership. Below is a list of the individuals running for each office (please note: candidates are still signing up and this list does not represent the final ballot):


  • David B.
  • Patsy R.
  • Justin R.
  • Bruce P.
  • Terri N.
  • Carl B.
  • Robyn J.
  • Dan T.


  • Demarie N.
  • Marty P.


  • Leslie H.
  • Amanda H.


  • Teiylea "TY" D.


  • Desiree H.
  • Eric V.
  • Donna W.


  • Lisa P.
  • Brittany T.
  • Marian T.
  • Kent G.
  • Kimberly M.
  • Betty P.
  • Kayla D.
  • Joel J.
  • Mark C.
  • Kristen D.
  • Kendra M.

There will be more to come as the individual campaigns come to life and the election takes place; unfolding in beautiful expressions of free and fair choice. Stay tuned!