Marquise and David

There are many opportunities for meaningful connection here at Hi-Hope, and we’re fortunate enough to have countless stories like the one our Operations Coordinator, Marquise Lyde, shares here today in our Horizon Blog. Take a second to read about the bond between two members of our Hi-Hope family - Marquise and David. It will definitely lift your spirits!

From the moment David and I met, immediately I knew that there was something extremely amazing and special about this young man.  At first, David would walk around our campus familiarizing himself in his new environment.  As soon as David would see me, he would quickly leave the area.  From that moment, I made it a priority to befriend David, and I’m happy to say we have created a strong bond. 

When David first got to Hi-Hope, he struggled with adapting to his new surroundings like many in his position would. At times, these growing pains made it difficult for David to connect with his peers. I wanted to step in and help everyone see what I saw in David from the very first moment of meeting him.  As time passed, David became more and more comfortable saying hello and speaking to me.  My interactions with David became a normal part of my work day.  If David didn’t stop by to talk or say hello, I would go find him to see what he was doing.  This became our daily routine.  As more time went on, David and I would have extensive conversations about tons of things.  Eventually, David brought it to my attention that he would like a job. I quickly started brainstorming ideas and trying to determine what kind of job would be beneficial to David.  After many conversations with David about what he liked to do, we decided on the perfect job.  David became our “janitorial assistant” of sorts.  This specific task not only gave David motivation to stay on the right track, but also allowed him to take pride in something that he was responsible for on a daily basis.  Every day, David is responsible for assisting our janitorial staff by emptying the garbage cans from the rooms.  David is also responsible for adjusting the window blinds around campus. He restocks the kitchenware in the common areas and also stacks chairs.  To recognize David’s contributions, He and I will go on the outing of his choosing once a month.  Whether it be to the movies and lunch or to shop at the mall, David gets whatever he wants because he’s earned it.

 David has grown tremendously, and I am so grateful and honored that he let me in and allowed me to witness his amazing progression here at Hi-Hope.  David is dependable and responsible, and he’s become quite the popular one!

David, we are all so very proud of you.  Continue to do an amazing job!